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Branyan Early Learning Centre (BELC) is a place for exploration, imagination, and life learning. Our dedicated staff will support and celebrate all children in all stages of development to set and achieve their goals and skills no matter how big or small they may be.

We at BELC will work in collaborative partnership with parents, carers and families to ensure their children’s needs are communicated while building those foundation relationships to create a strong community culture within the centre.

We want to ensure the children have the best start in Early Years Learning and as Educators, we will continue to develop educational experiences that challenge the children – for success, to build confidence and for healthy day-to-day choices and skills, while ensuring the interests and needs are met for each child.

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While educators are continuously creating, reflecting and expanding on learning programs for the children they will endeavour to expand on their own knowledge through group and individual professional development seminars and training, ensuring the highest quality of education and care practices.

We will ensure the children experience high quality education and care in an environment that safeguards and promotes their health and wellbeing, we will ensure that all Physical environments such as outdoor environments and Classrooms are safe and provide experiences that foster the children’s learning and development.

We provides a commercial kitchen and will provide healthy nutritious meals while ensuring all nutritional values, guidelines and food safety program are followed and reflected upon bi-annually. We encourage all families to provide feedback and help curate a menu for their children.

We understand, acknowledge and respect that all children require and follow various allergy, cultural and personal food values, we will ensure that no child misses out, and all children have the right to enjoy mealtimes.

Our educators will ensure that all families, cultures and communities feel valued, respected and supported, and will continue to build relationships that are respectful and meaningful.

To achieve this, we have produced a philosophy that is:


Views the child as having many aspects, cognitive, social, physical and emotional – all of which are deemed when educating the “whole” child.


Recognises a child’s shifting needs and stage of development, and adjusts to serve the individual’s progression.


Responds to the natural interests and inclinations of the child, directing the child’s inherent passion and inquisitiveness into productive activities.


Seeks the ideal techniques for the child based on the circumstances, taking advantage of a wide range of teaching strategies and techniques

The requirements and needs of the child influence how the philosophy is used. Educators at Branyan Early Learning Centre monitor and interact with the children. They select from many teaching methods and educational approaches, activities and experiences adapted to the desires of the child. They prescribe from numerous teaching strategies and educational concepts, activities and experiences specific to the child’s needs.

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