Branyan Early Learning Centre


Inside, all our rooms are set up with sensory and play-based learning opportunities. Colourful, stimulating surrounds ensure the children have the chance to grow and develop through sensory, play-based learning.

The team is focused on making certain the children are
ready to take that all-important step up to school.

Branyan Early Learning Centre programs strive to provide opportunities for each child to:

Express themselves and their opinions

Undertake experiences that develop self-reliance and self-esteem

Always maintain their dignity and rights

Be given positive guidance and encouragement towards acceptable behaviour

Incorporate their abilities, physical and mental development, and their family’s cultural values

Nursery based Learning with Branyan Early Learning Centre


Nursery based Learning with Branyan Centre

6 weeks -2 years

We have two nursery studios for children 0 – 2 years of age. Our rooms are filled with experiences for our littlest learners, where they can explore, engage and develop new fundamental skills! Our babies are exposed to multiple sensory experiences getting them accustomed to different sounds, textures, sights and tastes, in addition to plenty of loving cuddles, giggles and comfort.

We understand how critical your child’s routine is to their development so we work collaboratively with our families to ensure that we follow these critical routines wherever possible. Children sleep soundly in our climate-controlled, starry skied cot room, with large viewing windows and regular, monitored safe sleep checks.

Toddlers based Learning with Branyan Early Learning Centre


15 months – 2 years

The toddlers studio is one full of life, our tiny tots are always on the move! The toddler room promotes the start of self-help skills and developing social awareness, while learning the importance of emotional regulation and we understand that routines are still a big part of their day! We provide a flexible routine to cater for all the children and their needs, this includes flexible sleep times, meal times and learning and play times.

It is such an exciting age where the toddlers achieve new things each and every day!

Junior Kindy based Learning with Branyan Early Learning Centre


2 – 3 years

Junior Kindy is the studio to be in! Promoting the independence of self-help skills, responsibility and decision making.  Children are encouraged to try new things, even those things that may be out of their comfort zones. Educators scaffold children’s learning to give them new challenges and support them to feel success and be empowered by their new learnings.

Beautiful high ceilings coupled with light-filled, airy spaces mean children can step into those new friendships but have plenty of space to step away if they are feeling the need to occupy themselves.

Pre Kindy based Learning with Branyan Early Learning Centre


3 – 4 years

Pre kindy Studio is where Magic happens! From a masterpiece to a very dramatic role-play scenario, there is always an adventure unfolding.  Participating in collaborative play with their friends, our children are supported by our teaching team through those inevitable hiccups around negotiating, sharing and self-regulation. Personalities are big, and blooming and watching these children find themselves is a joy!

Kindy based Learning with Branyan Early Learning Centre


3.5 – 5 years

The kindergarten studio is where our 3–5-year-old children learn skills for school readiness, in a play-based framework. Areas of focus include self regulation, emotional intelligence, inclusivity and being a valued member of our community all through play, and engagement with their peers. Our bachelor-qualified early childhood teacher provides a curriculum of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), and interpersonal skills to see our biggest little learners prepare for school in a holistic way. With direct access from the studio to the playground, adventures abound and memories are made!

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